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Reviews from Amazon Vine Reviewers, Top 100:

"According to the Author's Prologue some of this work is autobiographical, but then some of it is not. This is a collection of poems written over decades with no way to tell which are more current or older. When I was reading this collection of thoughts and ideas emanating from one source I had to keep reminding myself that what I was reading was not necessarily an experience of this author. His poems were so realistic and seem so gut wrenchingly personal that I had no idea which were true to his life experience. There are many lines and ideas here which mirrored my own thoughts and feelings. Williams took concepts I feel but can't express and put them in his poetry. In a way it made me feel much better because it showed me that those thoughts are much more widely held than I had expected. My sad thoughts, my angry thoughts, my thoughts of deficiencies, and inadequacies can be found here, in the words of a man I've never met."


"The juxtaposition of the words "lyrical" and "angst" are the best way I could describe what these poems embody. They are real, raw, human experience. Upon reading them, I could hear music and that "thing" that some songs are made of. I applaud Mr. Williams for baring his soul and heart so openly in this collection."


"This writer touches on all aspects of life. It was such a joy to read. I believe he was reading my mind when he wrote the one about seeing Angry People! Awesome job, Evan. Truly awesome."