Evan Williams entered his first writing competition in sixth grade- a county wide, agricultural conservation essay contest. Spurred on by a second-place finish and a nifty plaque, he has written, or thought about writing, since. From Queens University of Charlotte, he earned an M.F.A in Creative Writing. His first book, a memoir entitled One Apple at a Time, received the Willie Parker Peace Award for state history, given by the North Carolina Historical society. A few of his short stories appear in anthologies, including, Hemingway Shorts: A collection of new and engaged writing from new and engaged writers in the best tradition of Ernest Hemingway, also, The Cricket And Other Stories: Finalists From The Second Annual Grateful Steps  Short Stories Contest, and others. His book reviews appear quarterly in The Main Street Rag.

Prior to American's Revolutionary War, Evan's ancestors settled in the Blue Ridge range of the Appalachians, where he remains. His latest novel, Ripples, draws heavily on his family's multi-generational apple-growing business. Surrounded by orchard, and writing from within a former apple storage shed, converted to dwelling, Evan inhabits the family compound along with a smattering of his adult, married children, several rescue pets, and a growing number of grandchildren.