Hello, and welcome to my website. Rather than be limited to a name in print, I’ve chosen to come off the page, and share myself, and craft, with readers. The old stereotype, of a hermit-like author, eventually emerging with a completed manuscript, is not compatible with our strong desire to be electronically connected to the world, in real time. We crave information, with an eye for process, in addition to the finished project.

In the publishing business, as it pertains to me, major happenings may not occur with the latest Washington-scandal frequency, but when book news does break, the pace is rapid. Prime example: Spring 2019, SFK Publishing, based in Atlanta, Georgia, will be releasing my new novel, RIPPLES. Prior to the official launch, my book will be available for pre-sales, a schedule of appearances for my signings and readings will be listed, and followers may even be asked to voice their opinion on the final cover selection.

Meanwhile, follow my ongoing blog postings, updates, excerpts, and whatever miscellanea I feel compelled to share. Above all, abundant thanks for taking interest in my world.


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