Caught in the Curve

A few cycles of seasons and I will be writing the number ‘60’ in the age blank on documents. I don’t really mind. ‘Better alive and old, than dead,’ as my young brother told our great-grandmother when she complained of the aging process. But at some point, based in part on what I observed of the time period when my brothers and I couldn’t fully appreciate having living great-grandparents, is that by now I would have pretty much reached the straightaway at the end of life’s learning curve.

    Not so. Not even close, because this ‘new’ electronic age has extended the curve infinitely. The boy lying on his belly in the old living room, watching Spock and Kirk talk into handheld, remote communication devices, was actually glimpsing a preview of his own adult world. From grandmothers who never drove, to cars which drive and parallel park themselves, every day presents the challenge of keep up, or be forever left behind in this brave, new world.

    My latest hurdle came a few weeks ago in the form of Instagram. At the insistence of my web designer, young and riding the crest of the technology wave, I stepped into a heaping pile of newness. And what generations that followed mine fail to grasp, is that I was not born with the intuition they inordinately possess when it comes to all things with buttons and screens.

   Diligently, I concentrated to retain the multiple instructions and blazing keystrokes required to further my social media presence. But failures innumerable threatened to bring the experiment to an explosive end. The process—take one of the photos saved on my phone, employ the Canva website to add a few of my words atop the image, copy and paste a string of hashtag cues beneath my creation, then post it to Instagram—sounds like a narrative small children could grasp. Instead, the task amounted to a corollary for the proverbial ‘the devil’s in the details’ adage.

    Luckily, I don’t know when to quit. Though I can’t explain how it happens, varying the procedure each time I put up a post, in the end, snippets from my writings now encircle the globe. And people are reading and commenting, arousing smiles on the face of this aging hippy online. So, if any are inclined to glimpse a wider view of my mind in print, I kept it simple to find, employing my straightforward label of choice: evanwilliamsauthor. If anything, I’m consistent.

Write on, y’all!