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"The last three pages had to be difficult for the author to write as they were difficult for us to read. We either shed tears or had lumps in our throats at the passing of Pa Glenn and then years later, Nanny. We had grown to KNOW them, and Mr. Williams' loss seemed to become ours.

This wonderful book is well worth reading, and believe it or not, you will feel like you are being entertained as much as you are educated. We do hope to read other books by this author in the future. If not, we would consider it a terrible waste of a great talent."

-North Carolina Society of Historians

"This memoir is rich with local history. Evan's four generations of family stories take us back to Orchard Road, back to a simpler time, back to what really matters.

-Julia P. McLeod, M.A. in English from Western Carolina University, Ph.D. candidate at University of Tennessee

"In One Apple at a Time, Evan Williams has traced his family through many generations. . . The transition from Post Civil War poverty to a modern progressive apple producing operation is depicted through the daily activities of each member of the Williams family. The book is well written and is a valuable contribution to both genealogy and history. . . We recommend this book as one of great interest."

-George A. Jones, Th. M., Ph.D., Director of the History Center and President Emeritus of the Henderson County Genealogical & Historical Society